Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Furor of People Because of Screening Procedure In Airport

Based on the article" Administration to Seek Balance in Airport Screening", Scott Shane states that testing the fully body scanners in Airports to passengers make many people feel too intruded, but it is really necessary for the security of the country says the Obama administration officials. The complaints from the passengers started last year because the agency introduced a harsher pat-down procedure. According to James Carafano and Bruce Hoffman, an expert on terrorism argue the administration would be revise the screening procedures. On the one hand, Mr. Carafano suggest the limiting the body scans for all travels and focus in those suspicious people. On the other hand, Mr. Hoffman points out that administration officials should be consider an Israeli-style, for example those passengers who show some risk could be observed for their behavior, asking them questions.

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  1. I think this summery is well organized but it seems too detailed.