Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Blanca Riera


Professor: Chris Alexander

 Young Students need to are in Fear to Failure to Change


Based on the article “In Praise of the F Word”, Mary Sherry  states failing  must be review as a way to enforce teaching in schools. Thousands of students  will  graduate just to get over school and to get diplomas which means is nothing to them. Only they will be questioned when their employers notice that those people  cannot demonstrate  what they expect  of them . The author claims this poor knowledge of grammar and writing to drugs, divorce, and other things. Mary Sherry argues that she sees many students who are angry for having sailing throughout high school which means comes back to hunt them. She says too, we justify  the bad behavior of our kids because they learned in the horrible environment where they come from. Today the young students do not put school as a priority as well as they do not value education in the same way as adult students. However, children and adults are motivated by two things, academic and economic.      

After reading this article the statement of interest that  I found was “Flunking as a regular policy has just as much merit today as it did two generations ago.” That means that we need to learn to apply the same policy that was use 20 years ago and. Students especially young people need to feel that they are in fear of failure. It can be a positive tool to motivated them to think and reflect.   This matters because today the education of our children are in declining. Teachers and parents will have to work together to teach children  the importance and value of the education because depending of their academic levels and skills they will have better opportunities to find good  jobs. I  relate to this idea because  I was one of those students of two  generations ago where policy of flunking really worked in schools.

Years ago, once students  entered the school they knew it was something serious and responsible because teachers and parents used some policies like flunking  to push students to strive academically. For students of two generations ago the education  was really important ,and once children attending schools they knew that if they did not pay attention to the class the probability to fail was very high. I remember when  I was 9 years old . I had a teacher  named Piedad. I will never forgot her because her method of teaching was a little hard. For example,9 years old kids, usually are in fourth grade where at this time all students should know the multiplication table. To those students who did not memorize it she punished them stand for 5 minutes with hands up, and repeating  the multiplication table to memorize it, and she always said  that we will fail in life if we do not study. I cannot say if that action was fear or not, but in those time it worked. Most of students who passed to the next level they really had a good grades.

In the past,18 years olds who had graduated from high school had an easy time getting  jobs, because of once they finished the school they are ready to be hire for any company. In those times high school students had the enough academic skills that any employer could see  once they performed their duties.  They  obtained those  academics  skills  because teachers were severe with them if they had not been like this they would have failed in schools. For example, My sister Lorena she got a diploma in accounting once she graduated from high school. She submitted a resume  to three companies, and the surprise was she was hired for two of them, of course before she been hired she was interview  for the three companies. she showed her knowledge.  Teachers and parents  have to work together to prepare  young people for the next step in the life.
I know that we have in different time, and people who studied 20 years ago think different than young students today, but the responsibility as a person never changed with the time. If we want that young people succeed in life we have to be more strong with them, and teachers in schools should still using the policy of flunking as a long time ago.

Blanca Riera

Essay #1

Professor: Chris Alexander


Women Can do More Than one Activity at Once?

     Based on the article “Are women really better at multitasking? the author argues, according to the British researchers women are much better doing more than one task at once. They think that after 50 men and 50 women were designated to do three tasks at the same time. For men was simple to resolve some task related to math problems and locate something on the map, and women was better developing a plan for finding the lost key. As a result of that activity men did not follow the path correctly, while women used strategies and methodically searched around the field looking for  the key. It means that women are better at  doing one task at once. However, everyone is different, and anyone can  multitask regardless of sex.

The idea  I found most important was “women are better at being able to stand back, and reflect for the moment while they are juggling other thing.” That means women are available to stop and meditate while they are doing something else, and  also they may consider some strategies for their duties. I think this is  important because taking some time to think and reflect upon the acts one is making is of great advantage towards the outcome. The amount of things that can be done increases tremendously as more focus, thought and dedication is higher.  I relate to this idea because  women can be  great mothers, and at the same time they can be  great professionals.

Is true that everybody has different abilities.  Being  mother is not a easy job, it required a big set of positive attitudes. For example,  mothers have to take care of children,  cleaning  the house, paying bills, cooking ,and more and at the same time they should be prepared  to handle any emergency such as to  be present in their child's school if something bad  happened, such as an accident. Those women  should have a plan” a” and” b” just in case something happens suddenly without leaving what they are doing before that. They most have to be available to stand back and think better for solutions to those problems and intelligently to find new strategies if it is necessary.  I am a mother and  I have my own business ( child day care) and am a wife, and now  I am at Laguardia community college as a student.  I have a daily schedule to do all my tasks. For example  I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, then go to the gym, but while I am doing my exercises  I leave  the coffee  maker turned on to prepare breakfast, and also I look at the clock to call my daughter and wake her up, then when  I'm walking to my job I can text to my customer and answer their question while I am thinking  what I have to prepare for lunch. I am  always available to reflect and change the any of the events according to the circumstances.

There are good  professional mothers too that  are capable of doing more than one thing at a time and be successful, and they also can combine the task of work  at the same time. Usually those kind  of women  are available to take  time and reflect looking up for new paths, while they are thinking  how to do something else.  I am one of them that I am able to combine the chores with work tasks, and achieve  success  in both. To achieve this I have to work hard, and do more than one thing  at once. For example,  I remember when my children were babies I had to get up early, put on their clothes as well change diapers, and while warm their bottles through the phone I organized the new day job. Sometimes I had to take my children to work because the baby sister was absent and while I gave them something to do I had to still working and watching them. I always  had to stop and meditate for a while and find many ways to resolve some unpredictable  situations. It took a lot of patience and dedication but nothing was impossible. Finally I did it. I think women same as me can do it too.

Just I want to say women are really great at doing more than one task at once. They possess the unique ability to patience and reflexion. They  are always available to stand back and consider other ways to solve any upcoming situation. They can be  good mothers,  good professionals,  and  they can combine the both  tasks at once. However, every single person  is different, and women or men  can multitask  no matter of gender


Blanca Riera



People are Attracted to Fast Food

According to the article " Should the U.S Crack down Happy Meals" by Josh Ozersky says that the U.S wants to eliminate the happy meal from the menu . The author states that he used to be an obese child too, from all the hamburgers he ate. Josh argues to say that the only reason kids like the happy meal is not for the toy, but for the box itself. Jamie Oliver told children, that food wasn't healthy and showed them how it was made. However, Jamie  made a nasty pink paste out of organs and asked the children if they would eat it.

After reading this article I found the idea that I most liked, which was " The toys aren't the main reason why kids love Happy Meals". This idea means that the kids don't want the happy meal for the toy. They want it for the color and shape of the box. the idea that all the food and the toy comes in a little colorful box just for them ,makes them want to buy it. As the parent of course they buy it but little knowing the whole reason their kid wants it is because of the cover. I believe that every time a parent buys the happy meal the kid is eating all of the saturated fat, which leads to obesity.

The  hobbit of eating fast food does not only cause obesity but it also causes serious illnesses or even death. One example is when Michelle Obama , the first lady and wife of Barak Obama tried to change the food system in many schools. My friend's daughter comes home late from school and since it's past 11:00 the only places open are fast food restaurant. She has to eat at any fast food place before she gets home and that is affecting her and her health. In many cases, some people are obligated to eat fast food due to the time pace and locations.

In conclusion, Many companies try to make a market where they can attract kids with toys. However,  the kids not only want the toy but they want the cover or what the package contains. Results that the saturated food may cause harmful illnesses is very high. Fast food Places such as Mc Donald's, Burger King, Wendy's and etc. can produce harmful foods filled with fat that can put the lives of children at risk.


Blanca Riera


Family changes are Good specially if we dedicated to the family

            Based on the article "Men who clean House Are Happy" by Tracy Clark-Flory says Men are happy  because of their chore-sharing with their wives. He argues that after survey from 1,000 working dads who have housework and they are generally happier , and their wives have a similar number of hours in the workplace. And also Tracy states that help each other the chores allow people to relax. However, according to Caroline Gatrell claims that employers do not understand that families are changing, and some cases it causes serious problems for both men and women. Employers think once a women have a baby it could interfere in the workplace, therefore parents do not have choices , and they do not allowed to have a work-life balance.

 After reading this article, the idea that I found more important was "The problem is that although families are changing; this is largely- being completely  ignored by employers". That means we are in a 21st century when men and women have to work, and they also have to share the housework. Unfortunately, many employers  ignore this situation , especially when women have a baby. This is very important and affect most married couples.  Some women feel that their careers are blocking by employers . I agree with families changing, over all if those changes means a nice "family time".

We live in a society where everybody is stressed, and the major part of our lives we spent in the workplace. If many people especially those who have family with children could organize their time and spent  more time with their families were fantastic. Family time is when family members gather to share happy moments . I have a family with six members , four children and my husband and me. We a have a special  meeting every Sunday.  The main point  is in my house, some of us cook while others wash the dishes . When we sat down to eat, I like to do a prayer, and then after finishing eating we talk  and share glances and joys. Sunday is for me a nice family time.

Men who likes to clean the house are happy not only they help their wives they also doing that get de-stress. And addition people  who helping each other they have a nice family time. Talking and sharing good moments with something else is healthy and a good therapy. I recommend managing our time to spend more time with our families. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Furor of People Because of Screening Procedure In Airport

Based on the article" Administration to Seek Balance in Airport Screening", Scott Shane states that testing the fully body scanners in Airports to passengers make many people feel too intruded, but it is really necessary for the security of the country says the Obama administration officials. The complaints from the passengers started last year because the agency introduced a harsher pat-down procedure. According to James Carafano and Bruce Hoffman, an expert on terrorism argue the administration would be revise the screening procedures. On the one hand, Mr. Carafano suggest the limiting the body scans for all travels and focus in those suspicious people. On the other hand, Mr. Hoffman points out that administration officials should be consider an Israeli-style, for example those passengers who show some risk could be observed for their behavior, asking them questions.