Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Blanca Riera


Family changes are Good specially if we dedicated to the family

            Based on the article "Men who clean House Are Happy" by Tracy Clark-Flory says Men are happy  because of their chore-sharing with their wives. He argues that after survey from 1,000 working dads who have housework and they are generally happier , and their wives have a similar number of hours in the workplace. And also Tracy states that help each other the chores allow people to relax. However, according to Caroline Gatrell claims that employers do not understand that families are changing, and some cases it causes serious problems for both men and women. Employers think once a women have a baby it could interfere in the workplace, therefore parents do not have choices , and they do not allowed to have a work-life balance.

 After reading this article, the idea that I found more important was "The problem is that although families are changing; this is largely- being completely  ignored by employers". That means we are in a 21st century when men and women have to work, and they also have to share the housework. Unfortunately, many employers  ignore this situation , especially when women have a baby. This is very important and affect most married couples.  Some women feel that their careers are blocking by employers . I agree with families changing, over all if those changes means a nice "family time".

We live in a society where everybody is stressed, and the major part of our lives we spent in the workplace. If many people especially those who have family with children could organize their time and spent  more time with their families were fantastic. Family time is when family members gather to share happy moments . I have a family with six members , four children and my husband and me. We a have a special  meeting every Sunday.  The main point  is in my house, some of us cook while others wash the dishes . When we sat down to eat, I like to do a prayer, and then after finishing eating we talk  and share glances and joys. Sunday is for me a nice family time.

Men who likes to clean the house are happy not only they help their wives they also doing that get de-stress. And addition people  who helping each other they have a nice family time. Talking and sharing good moments with something else is healthy and a good therapy. I recommend managing our time to spend more time with our families. 

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