Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blanca Riera

Essay #1

Professor: Chris Alexander


Women Can do More Than one Activity at Once?

     Based on the article “Are women really better at multitasking? the author argues, according to the British researchers women are much better doing more than one task at once. They think that after 50 men and 50 women were designated to do three tasks at the same time. For men was simple to resolve some task related to math problems and locate something on the map, and women was better developing a plan for finding the lost key. As a result of that activity men did not follow the path correctly, while women used strategies and methodically searched around the field looking for  the key. It means that women are better at  doing one task at once. However, everyone is different, and anyone can  multitask regardless of sex.

The idea  I found most important was “women are better at being able to stand back, and reflect for the moment while they are juggling other thing.” That means women are available to stop and meditate while they are doing something else, and  also they may consider some strategies for their duties. I think this is  important because taking some time to think and reflect upon the acts one is making is of great advantage towards the outcome. The amount of things that can be done increases tremendously as more focus, thought and dedication is higher.  I relate to this idea because  women can be  great mothers, and at the same time they can be  great professionals.

Is true that everybody has different abilities.  Being  mother is not a easy job, it required a big set of positive attitudes. For example,  mothers have to take care of children,  cleaning  the house, paying bills, cooking ,and more and at the same time they should be prepared  to handle any emergency such as to  be present in their child's school if something bad  happened, such as an accident. Those women  should have a plan” a” and” b” just in case something happens suddenly without leaving what they are doing before that. They most have to be available to stand back and think better for solutions to those problems and intelligently to find new strategies if it is necessary.  I am a mother and  I have my own business ( child day care) and am a wife, and now  I am at Laguardia community college as a student.  I have a daily schedule to do all my tasks. For example  I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, then go to the gym, but while I am doing my exercises  I leave  the coffee  maker turned on to prepare breakfast, and also I look at the clock to call my daughter and wake her up, then when  I'm walking to my job I can text to my customer and answer their question while I am thinking  what I have to prepare for lunch. I am  always available to reflect and change the any of the events according to the circumstances.

There are good  professional mothers too that  are capable of doing more than one thing at a time and be successful, and they also can combine the task of work  at the same time. Usually those kind  of women  are available to take  time and reflect looking up for new paths, while they are thinking  how to do something else.  I am one of them that I am able to combine the chores with work tasks, and achieve  success  in both. To achieve this I have to work hard, and do more than one thing  at once. For example,  I remember when my children were babies I had to get up early, put on their clothes as well change diapers, and while warm their bottles through the phone I organized the new day job. Sometimes I had to take my children to work because the baby sister was absent and while I gave them something to do I had to still working and watching them. I always  had to stop and meditate for a while and find many ways to resolve some unpredictable  situations. It took a lot of patience and dedication but nothing was impossible. Finally I did it. I think women same as me can do it too.

Just I want to say women are really great at doing more than one task at once. They possess the unique ability to patience and reflexion. They  are always available to stand back and consider other ways to solve any upcoming situation. They can be  good mothers,  good professionals,  and  they can combine the both  tasks at once. However, every single person  is different, and women or men  can multitask  no matter of gender

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