Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Blanca Riera



People are Attracted to Fast Food

According to the article " Should the U.S Crack down Happy Meals" by Josh Ozersky says that the U.S wants to eliminate the happy meal from the menu . The author states that he used to be an obese child too, from all the hamburgers he ate. Josh argues to say that the only reason kids like the happy meal is not for the toy, but for the box itself. Jamie Oliver told children, that food wasn't healthy and showed them how it was made. However, Jamie  made a nasty pink paste out of organs and asked the children if they would eat it.

After reading this article I found the idea that I most liked, which was " The toys aren't the main reason why kids love Happy Meals". This idea means that the kids don't want the happy meal for the toy. They want it for the color and shape of the box. the idea that all the food and the toy comes in a little colorful box just for them ,makes them want to buy it. As the parent of course they buy it but little knowing the whole reason their kid wants it is because of the cover. I believe that every time a parent buys the happy meal the kid is eating all of the saturated fat, which leads to obesity.

The  hobbit of eating fast food does not only cause obesity but it also causes serious illnesses or even death. One example is when Michelle Obama , the first lady and wife of Barak Obama tried to change the food system in many schools. My friend's daughter comes home late from school and since it's past 11:00 the only places open are fast food restaurant. She has to eat at any fast food place before she gets home and that is affecting her and her health. In many cases, some people are obligated to eat fast food due to the time pace and locations.

In conclusion, Many companies try to make a market where they can attract kids with toys. However,  the kids not only want the toy but they want the cover or what the package contains. Results that the saturated food may cause harmful illnesses is very high. Fast food Places such as Mc Donald's, Burger King, Wendy's and etc. can produce harmful foods filled with fat that can put the lives of children at risk.

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